The Process - Reality takes shape

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a general outline :


- Get your Deed or property survey plan.

- Gather your sketches, pictures and cut outs.

- Contact us (see the Home page)

- Our conversation will determine what else is needed.

- We meet to discuss your wishes, hopes and budget.

- An estimate for the work required is determined.

- Site Visits if required and charged at $50-$100

- We can enter into a written, detailed, Agreement.

- Draft sketches are prepared for your review.

- Plans are drafted for your review and approval.

- The Contract Drawings are completed.

- A Building permit is obtained by the Owner or Contractor.

- Let the Building begin.


Our Fees: are usually based on a sq.ft. basis depending on the

complexity of the project. They are usually 0.75 to 1.00% of the

total building construction costs.


We will glady send you our current Fee Schedule. 


Disbursements, as outlined in the Agreement, are extra.