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RE: Renate's recovery

April 11, 2017 -  

After a few days of the new medication Renate seems to have taken a turn in the right direction. Getting stronger every day and reassuming some domestic duties Much to my joy.

Your continued concern, good wishes and prayers are always very much appreciated.


The heart valve replacement, Dec. 20, 2016 was completely successful but her lungs still failled to supply the needed amount oxygen.

We saw a respiratory specialist in London today, March 30, 

Abnormally high pressure in her lungs cause fatigue at the slightest movement.

Most probable causes have been investigated without certain results, therefore the actual cause is yet unknown.

For the time being Renate is being treated with medication to reduce the pressure in her lungs. She remains on an assisted oxygen supply and will be reevaluated at regular intervels.

The medication should in time restore her mobility to near normal, hopefully at that time addtional oxygen will no longer be required.


Our sincere Thank you for your concern and prayers on her behalf.